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  • When it comes to transmission leaks, engine checks, and other car repairs, you may be left with a lot of questions. East Coast Transmissions is a trusted transmission repair shop serving the Greensboro, High Point, Oak Ridge, Kernersville, Summerfield, and Browns Summit, NC areas, who can help answer your questions. We specialize in a wide range of transmission services to keep your vehicle running smoothly and offer new transmissions for those in need of a replacement. Not only that, but we provide comprehensive car repair and maintenance services, including engine repairs and engine checks.

    Take a look at our frequently asked questions below. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding our transmission services, car repairs, or any other automotive needs, please don't hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable team at East Coast Transmissions. We are here to assist you and get you back on the road with a well-functioning vehicle.

    When do I change my Transmission Fluid?

    When it comes to how often you should change your Transmission Fluid you should check your car’s owner manual. Suggestions on when to change your fluid can vary from 30,000 miles -100,000 miles. It is important to change your Transmission Fluid to help improve fuel economy, maintain a smooth running engine, and avoid costly transmission repairs. Call today for our free diagnostic service!

    Why is Transmission Fluid Leaking Below the Vehicle?

    A transmission fluid leak is never a good sign. There are several possible reasons this could be happening. Probably the most common reason for a transmission fluid leak is a bad seal. The seals are made of either rubber or metal. These parts experience very high temperatures which lead to wear and tear over time. This wear and tear can eventually lead to the seals cracking and leaking out the fluid. Another cause can be cracked transmission lines.

    They are very durable, made from steel or aluminum. However, with aging and the heat they experience, they can crack. Yet another possible cause is the transmission pump. Since the pump is always working, it experiences a lot of wear and tear. This can cause the body of the pump to crack.

    Why is my check engine light on?

    Check engine lights indicate that there is an issue with some system in your vehicle. It does not always mean that you have engine trouble. It can be a wide array of things. You can visit our auto repair shop for a diagnostic test to determine the cause of the check engine light.

    How do I know what type of oil my engine uses?

    There are multiple ways that car owners can figure out what type of oil that their engine uses. Some vehicles have their engine oil type printed directly onto the oil cap, you can check your owner’s manual, or you can go to your local auto parts store and have them look up your make and model and they can tell you the oil you need.

    Why is my engine coolant leaking?

    If you have puddles that are green, pink, orange, yellow, or blue under your vehicle, your engine coolant is leaking. Leaks may be caused by damaged a radiator cap, coolant reservoir, hoses, or the radiator itself.

    What are some signs that your engine needs to be rebuilt?

    If your engine is using excessive amounts of oil, has metal shaving in your engine oil, or there are large amounts of white smoke coming from your exhaust pipe, you probably have an issue. It is best to get to an engine repair shop immediately to get your engine checked.

    How long do automatic transmissions last?

    It will depend on how well you keep up with the maintenance of your transmission. With the proper maintenance schedule, your transmission will last as long as the vehicle itself. It does not guarantee that your transmission will last but it improves its odds.

    Can I drive if my transmission fluid is leaking?

    You can drive with a transmission leak, but we advise against it. Driving while your transmission fluid is leaking is very risky and can cause irreparable damage.

    How do I check my transmission fluid?

    The process of checking your transmission fluid is rather simple. It goes like this: park your vehicle on a level surface, start your engine, locate the transmission fluid dipstick, remove it, wipe it clean, reinsert it, pull it out once more, check the color of your fluid and its level. Finally, reinsert your dipstick and you are done.

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